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Money Problems Causing Sleepless Nights?

Overwhelmed by Credit Card Debt?
Trapped by High Interest Rates?
Collection Calls?
Treading Water With Debt Payments? 

Consumer Debt Counselors is a licensed, bonded and accredited 501(c)3 non-profit agency in Winter Park, Florida. Since 1998, certified credit counselors have provided help and education to people struggling with credit card debt, medical debt, and unsecured debt in its many forms. 

Have You Been Denied Credit?
Do You Want to Know How to Fix Your Credit?
Do You Have a Problem With Your Credit Report?
Is Your Credit Score an Issue?

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Consumer Debt Counselors: Your No. 1 Source for Managing Student Loan Debt

We work with clients to understand all student loan repayment options available through the Department of Education. Knowing all of your student loan options is important to lower the overall cost of your loan.

If your student loans are in default or nearing default, or your wages are being garnished to pay for your student loans, we can help. Our student loan advisors talk to clients by phone or in our Winter Park, Florida, office.

  • Behind in student loan payments?

  • Student loans at or near default?

  • Garnishment due to student loans?

  • Need help with confusing options?

  • For information Call, Click or Chat.

How Can I Reduce my Student Loan Debt?


Student Loan Help

Overwhelmed by student loan debt?
In default status or being garnished?
We clear up the student loan confusion.

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Debt Relief Help

Drowning in credit card debt?
Trapped by high interest rates?
Speak to a certified credit counselor.

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Housing Help

First time home buyer needing advice? Struggling with mortgage payments? Speak to a certified housing counselor.

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BankruptcyHelpBankruptcy Help

Need mandated bankruptcy courses? Approved bankruptcy pre-filing &
bankruptcy pre-discharge courses.

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