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How Do I Fix My Credit?

Consumer Debt Counselors is a licensed, bonded and accredited non-profit debt advisory corporation located in Winter Park, Florida. Since 1998, President George Janas and his team of certified credit counselors have provided debt advisory help and education.

It's a very uncomfortable feeling to be denied credit particularly if you’re trying to buy a home or a car. If there’s a problem with your credit report or your credit scores, be one of the people who can fix your credit. Here are the steps:

Step No. 1: Pull Your Credit Report
Step No. 2: Analyze the Credit Report
Step No. 3: Is Credit Report Accurate?
Step No. 4: Is the Bad Credit Valid?
Step No. 5: Start to Repay the Debt 

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Get Answers to Questions About How to Pay Your Student Loans

George Janas, President of Consumer Debt Counselors in Winter Park, Florida, said that college students face many thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Then, there can be many more thousands of dollars in interest that will be paid over the life of the student loan. That’s an incredible amount of debt and it's causing people a lot of anxiety and stress. If you’re in
default on your student loan, or have no idea how you'll pay your student loan debt, we'll help you figure it out. Janas said his staff will ask you questions, review answers but you'll choose a student loan repayment plan you can live with. Call 1-800-820-9232 and talk privately with certified debt advisors. The Department of Education has many options that we can show you.

How Can I Reduce my Student Loan Debt?


Student Loan Help

Student loan payments are a huge concern to college students and we look at all the student loan payment options available to you. Most people say that they wish they would've come in or called us sooner because of the relief that they feel after getting payments they can live with. You may be trying to avoid student loan payments that you've got to make. Instead of calling for a student loan forbearance or deferment, get an affordable student loan payment. Our student loan debt advisory sessions introduce you to payment options you're probably unaware of. The Department of Education provides everyone access to affordable payments. But few people know how to go access this information but we do and we'll show you all of the student loan payment options in one meeting. You choose the one that works for you. We can enroll you in a program to help you manage the student loan debt repayment process.

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Debt Relief Help

Credit card debt, payday loans, car loans, mortgage payments can be a lot to juggle when money is tight. If you lose a job, paying your bills becomes impossible. If you have a lot of debt you can fall behind with one small change to your income. What if you could ask someone what to do and how to pay down your debt? Would you like to know some of options for handling your credit card debt? Consumer Debt Counselors has certified credit counselors talk to you on the phone or in-person. We walk you through an ISO-certified debt assessment and you'll have a plan we outline and then we advise you with all the options. You decide what to do. If you need help tackling unsecured debt you may want to sign up for a Debt Management Plan. Come meet with us for answers you need. We share with you what is available and you can work with us in a private and convenient phone call or through a visit to see us in Winter Park Florida.

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Housing Help

Consumer Debt Counselors provides housing counselors to help any Florida homeowner in danger of losing a home. You may be trying to avoid foreclosure. You may want to qualify for a home loan. You may want to figure out if you can buy your first home. If you're losing your home and are facing homelessness you can get help right away. Call us to learn about homeowner and homebuyer programs or how to find out about Florida's Hardest Hit program. You can talk with a certified housing counselor, a certified credit counselor. You can attend one of our Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Education Workshops to learn how much home you can afford and how to troubleshoot all the issues homeowners face. You may be having rental rights and access issues. If there's a housing problem, our Winter Park Florida Consumer Debt Counslors team is going to be able to help you find answers. We've provided help to Floridians since 1998.

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BankruptcyHelpBankruptcy Help

If you can't afford your car, your home or your credit card bills and you've had a decrease in income, don't throw in the towel. Filing bankruptcy is a big decision. Perhaps you've met with an attorney and determined that bankruptcy is your best course of action. If that is the case those consumers are required to complete two courses during the bankruptcy process. The first is the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling Course is generally taken to when the attorney can file bankruptcy. The second is called the Post-Discharge, a course that is required before the bankruptcy is able to be discharged. Consumer Debt Counselors is authorized by the Executive Office of the U.S. Trustees (EOUST) to provide these courses which are provided conveniently and on-demand online. Plan a confidential meeting in person or on the phone with one of our certified credit counselors in our Winter Park FL office.

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First Time Home Buyers Education Workshop

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First Time Home Buyers Education Workshop

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