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Do you have a plan for paying off your student loan debt? As of July 2014, the average amount of student loan debt owed by a Florida college graduate is $35,000. The amount of money owed for the life of this student loan with interest is $65,000.

Your student loan debt will increase if you default on the loan. Before you default on your student loan debt find out what you owe. You have to make the first phone call to get an idea of what you’re facing. Student loans will not go away because they cannot be folded into bankruptcy.

The news talks about student loan debt daily. The $1.2 trillion student loan debt problem will not disappear because of the effect that it has had on a generation of college graduates. Student loan debt will prevent people from buying a home, a car, saving for their futures. The decade-long debate over college costs has done nothing to stop the rise in annual fees.

Consumer Debt Counselors has a rapid review process for plugging in your information to determine a student loan payment that you can live with. The student loan debt payment is calculated as soon as you come in so the dread that you may be experiencing can be relieved. The likelihood is that the payment will be considerably more agreeable than you would ever suspect.

There are many types of student loans and a multitude of options for repaying the student loan debt. It’s time to figure out what to do before you go into default and have your wages garnished.

A certified credit counselor from Consumer Debt Counselor will walk you through the student loan debt evaluation process, give you forms to complete and help you along the way.

Should you decide that the student loan debt repayment process is too overwhelming for you to handle solo, personally, you can enroll in a managed program. For a very low fee, you will work with the same personal debt advisor to resolve and create your student loan debt relief and repayment plan. However, Consumer Debt Counselors will work for you to ensure the student loan debt payment is paid, that any resubmissions are managed until you’re on the way to a regular student loan debt repayment.

3 Choices for Student Loan Default

If you’re facing student loan default will you:

a.) ignore calls and letters demanding payment
b.) go to parents or friends to hide and escape reality
c.) talk with Consumer Debt Counselors student loan debt advisors about the many options for student loan payment.

Consumer Debt Counselors President, George Janas said that unfortunately, most people choose a.) and pretend that everything is fine and ignore the phone calls.

But every client who comes in to make plans for handling their student loan debt says that they wish they wouldn’t have avoided coming in and that the meeting provided peace of mind. The student loan debt advisor from Consumer Debt Counselors had answers and surprisingly affordable student loan payment plans.

The Department of Education offers many, many student loan extremely affordable options. But the thought of having to look this up online, read about it, fill out forms, download forms, decipher paperwork, mail the forms does not sound appealing.

There are student loan repayment options that are available to you based on your loan amount, your student loan origination date, your lenders and other factors unique to your financial picture.

You will be asked questions and will be walked through the student loan debt evaluation process. You’ll be given forms to complete, you’ll be given all the options and then you decide what option will work for you. Your personal debt advisor will help you along the way and keep in touch with you along the way. There are no games, twists, hustles, scams or surprises.

Control Student Loan Debt in 10 Steps

  1. Set an appointment with Consumer Debt Counselors: 1-800-820-9232
  2. Meet with a debt advisor
  3. Review your finances, student loans
  4. Your situation is analyzed
  5. Review student loan debt repayment options
  6. Choose a student loan repayment option
  7. Complete forms, paperwork
  8. Begin repayment of your student loans
  9. Receive free guidance every step of the way, as long as you need
  10. No cost

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