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Is Student Loan Debt Causing You Sleepless Nights?

Is this you?

  • You are in default on your student loan
  • You’re facing garnishment
  • You are seeking a deferment
  • You are putting off paying your student loans because you can’t afford it
  • You are several months behind on your monthly student loan payment
  • No more forbearances left
  • The process is confusing and overwhelming

Consumer Debt Counselors Student Loan Debt Advisory Services can be critical in helping to reveal solutions and alleviate the stress associated with the burden of debt.

Our Student Loan Advisory Service will help you understand your student loan debt, your Department of Education approved repayment plans, and your obligations and rights associated with your repayment terms.

Get a Thorough Analysis

We can do a thorough analysis of your loan and find out if there’s a solution that will better fit your circumstance.

We take the role as your financial advocate to guide student loan borrowers through a complicated process of identifying and assessing all of the available repayment options. We provide student loan help, advice, direction, details and you make the final choices.

Enrolling in Our Program is Simple

By enrolling in the Consumer Debt Counselorss student loan advisory program is simple:

  1. Meet with a debt advisor: Call, Click or Chat
  2. Provide data in complete confidence
  3. Advisory session will identify the best options available for your situation
  4. Choose the option(s) that best fits your situation

The fee for this service can be paid over several months so that getting the advice that you need is not a hardship to your budget.

Most clients tell us they feel a sense of relief after meeting with their Consumer Debt Counselor debt advisor because they have a thorough understanding of how to resolve their student loan debt. Our advisors help solve the financial puzzle.

You’ll know whatt to expect and what you will pay and how the lenders will be working in conjunction with Consumer Debt Counselors. It’s an open book process and based on good old-fashioned financial education.

Stop Avoiding the Inevitable

If you’re not paying your student loan debt and are not in deferment, you’re adding to the amount of the debt. The debt is growing.

Your student loan debt total amount will increase and can eventually become overwhelming. It will not get better with age.

The good news is that the Department of Education has many affordable repayment options. The bad news is that they can be confusing and overwhelming.

It makes sense to invest a small amount of time as soon as possible to learn the options available. If you are nearing default status (9 months missed payments) it’s critical that you call to get assistance immediately.

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