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student loans make you scream

If student loan stress is making you scream, get a student loan payment you can live with.

Consumer Debt Counselors Student Loan Debt Advisory Services can be critical in helping to reveal solutions and alleviate the stress associated with the burden of debt.

The purpose of our Student Loan Advisory Service is to help you understand your student loan debt, your Department of Education approved repayment plans, and your obligations and rights associated with your repayment terms.

Get a Rapid Review

We can do a rapid review of of your loan and find out if you can get a new payment that will fit the

We take the role as your financial advocate to guide student loan borrowers through a complicated process of identifying and assessing all of the available repayment options. We provide student loan help, advice, direction, details and you make the final choices.

Enroll in a Student Loan Debt Repayment Service

Consumer Debt Counselors offers you another option if you don’t feel comfortable doing all the paperwork yourself. You may not be sure that you can stay focused, or complete all forms, keep up with details of paperwork resubmissions, and payments. That’s fine. You can enroll in a Continuing Student Loan Debt Repayment Service where Consumer Debt Counselors will manage the process for you for a fee.

By enrolling in this program you’ll talk to a debt advisor and go through the following steps:

  1. Set an appointment with Consumer Debt Counselors: 1-800-820-9232
  2. Meet with a debt advisor
  3. Review your finances, student loans
  4. Your situation is analyzed
  5. Review student loan debt repayment options
  6. Choose a student loan repayment option
  7. Complete forms, paperwork
  8. Begin repayment of your student loans

The fee for this service can be paid over several months so that getting the advice that you need is not a hardship to your budget.

This paid program is NOT debt consolidation. It is a student loan repayment program created and managed by Consumer Debt Counselors working with the student loan lenders.

You will know when you walk out from your meeting with your Consumer Debt Counselor debt advisor what to expect and what you will pay and how the lenders will be working in conjunction with Consumer Debt Counselors. It’s an open book process and based on good old-fashioned financial education.

Student Loans Cause Sleepless Nights

Is this you?

  • You’ve used up all your student loan forbearances
  • You are seeking a deferment
  • You want to put off paying your student loans because you can’t afford it
  • You are several months behind on your monthly student loan payment
  • You are in default on your student loan

Get Student Loan Help

Stop delaying the inevitable. The Department of Education has an affordable payment and you really won’t believe how low the cost may be. If you’re not paying your student loan, you’re adding to the amount that is due in late fees, percentages charged during a forbearance .

Your student loan total amount due has increased because of the deferment (the interest continues to accumulate). If you’re also paying rent, food, gas, a car note, credit card payments and money’s really tight you are not alone. The key is that you can pay what you do have to spare and you’ll be able to sort through the options that are available to everyone.

If you do experience a life-changing event where your hours are cut at work and you keep your job, but you’re making less annually just to remain employed. Who can maintain their financial footing without feeling a little overwhelmed when this happens?

If you are being contacted for payment and ignore that they’re calling your phone, your parents’ home, and your office and you won’t talk to them. They know where you work. Now, you’re in default, and they’re going to garnish your wages. You know you should call them and face the inevitable, but you’re frozen in place.

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