Overwhelmed? Stressed? Confused? with Your Student Loan Debt

There are so many mixed messages on forgiveness programs right now. But don't worry, we understand them all! Using our online student loan tool you can avoid hours talking to your service provider. In just 20 minutes, and no upfront costs or credit card, see if you qualify for a lower monthly payment plus forgiveness or cancellation.
Student Loan Analysis

What's Right for Me?

Navigating student debt relief can feel like a maze with over 32 loan types, 43 distinct loan statuses and 10 programs based on your loan date – that’s a whopping 18,000 potential combinations! It's easy to miss out on the best program if you don't see the whole picture. And here's the thing, there's no do-over in Federal debt relief.

But hey, don't stress! Our online tool engages with you, asking tailored questions about your Federal and private loans, as well as your financial situation. In just about 20 minutes, 1000 data points are analyzed against 1200 rules to provide you with a clear set of recommendations and a step-by-step action plan.

How Do I Get Started?

With no upfront costs or credit card, see if your loans qualify for a lower monthly payment plus forgiveness and cancellation in about 20 minutes!

On average, users have found about $331 in savings per month on their loan payment. Plus, we've identified some level of forgiveness for 55% of the users. So what are you waiting for?

It costs nothing to get started. Once you see your individual student loan savings, it's up to you whether you want to proceed by paying a one-time fee of $49 to get all the tools to make this plan a reality.

Student Loan Analysis

Create an online account with Student Debt Solutions

There is no cost to see your savings! Start by giving us some basic information to confirm your account via email. No credit card required!

Enter Your Financial Details and Goals

Share your income, tax filing status and family size. Plus, we'll ask you about your debt repayment goals and take that into account when recommending the right path.

Upload Your Student Loan Data

All your Federal loan data is organized in one file (NSLDS) providing over 60 data points on each loan. This file is critical to understanding the full picture of your debt. If you don't have this file, we can help you get it with your FSA ID and password.

See how to download your NSLDS file from studentaid.gov


Complete the Questionnaire

Using the data you provided, our AI prompts questions specifically designed to quickly and comprehensively grasp your financial situation.

See Your Personalized Student Loan Analysis

With no upfront costs, see your potential monthly payment and if you qualify for any forgiveness or cancellation programs. The decision to proceed is entirely yours!

Take Action

Pay a one-time fee of $49 to see step-by-step how to reduce your student loan debt. We give you all the tools and forms to prepare, sign and submit your new action plan into reality.

What Do I Need to Begin?

Dedicated Time

Set aside at least 20 minutes on your phone, tablet or computer to upload your data and complete the questionnaire.

Annual Income

We'll ask you some basic financial questions. So grab last year’s tax return – or we can help you calculate your AGI based on your wages.

Student Loan Data File

You’ll need to download your NSLDS file from the FSA site. If you don't have it, we can help – make sure you know your FSA ID and password.

By the Numbers

Since the payment moratorium ended in October 2023, this online tool has helped many student loan borrowers reduce AND eliminate all or some of their debt.
Average Monthly
Payment Savings Found
Average Total Repayment
Savings Found
Users Discovered
Users Discovered

Experience Matters

For more than 25 years, Consumer Debt Counselors has been a consumer advocate providing thorough, detailed analysis of your debt- and credit-related issues. Student Debt Solutions (SDS) was developed to efficiently automate a counselor's knowledge of the rules, delivering a set of practical next steps tailored to each debtor’s unique situation. The SDS platform dives into your details to figure out the best solution for your financial goals and hands you the tools to take the next steps.
We are a fully accredited, licensed and bonded 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a long standing member of the NFCC.
We are not a debt consolidator, collection agency, loan servicer, private lender or refinance company.

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We get it – it’s a big decision. But now that student loan payments are back, the more you delay in taking action, the more interest piles up each day, driving you further into debt. We can help!